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‘Behold, I will stand before thee there upon the rock in Horeb; and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink. And Moses did so in the sight of the elders of Israel.’ Exodus 17:6



Indeed God stands before His people to make all things possible for us.

The Rock of Ages has it all provided for and in Christ Jesus, it is all finished indeed!

The thirsty Israelites, God’s chosen people on assignment to fulfilling God’s promise of bringing them to The Promised Land found themselves in a difficult situation. Being led by God they arrived at a place where there was no water.

Does God lead His people to waterless places? This points me to a title of a book written by my friend Pastor Philip N. Tetteh – ‘Why The Fall when God is leading’. 

The path ordained for God’s people is a good one and so how do we end up in such dire situations? This is a question often asked by many. One thing I have come to understand as I study God's Word is that the fact that God is with us does not mean we would face no challenges. One such example is the life of Job, a man described in the Bible as perfect and upright yet, faced such tremendous trials. (The book of Job).

We must not forget that we live in a fallen world with negative consequences as such, we may go through some tough times or be required to do so. However, if The LORD is with us, we can be sure the outcome will work out for our good. 

 The psalmist said ‘'yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou art with me.’' (Psalm 23:4). In other words, no matter what we go through, there is hope knowing The LORD is with us, even in very difficult circumstances.

 Besides, we find that some of our seeming mishaps are permitted by God to reveal a side of Himself we need to discover and also a plan that can only be fulfilled when we travel that difficult road. He is still with us nevertheless, just like the story of Joseph. (Genesis 37-50)

We even see Our LORD Jesus Christ, needing to go through Samaria - a city and a people despised by the Jews for their mixed racial background. However, we realize that for the Master Himself to get to His desired destination He had to pass through this city. The Jews would normally circumvent this place, just to avoid contact with the Samaritans. Jesus, The all knowing brought the barriers down! He had something in mind.                    

It was at this place that Jesus encountered "the woman at the well". She was a notorious woman thirsty for the real water that comes from The Rock - Jesus! When her thirst was quenched, she was the first in Samaria to tell others about Jesus. She became an evangelist having being touched by the Master. (John 4).                                                                                   

The pathway was not the normal one but Jesus had to go through. The cross of Jesus bears even a greater example. Without going the difficult path of dying on the cross, the world would not experience salvation. 


In the minds of these thirsty Israelites, in dire straits, they were doomed to death with no one to help, blaming Moses and Aaron who were only following orders from God. How soon the Israelites forgot the mighty works of God done in Egypt to redeem them!

In their confusion they lost focus failing to realize that The LORD God was with them. And that if He had brought them thus far, it was for a reason.

God wanted His people to understand that He was their provision, right in the midst of them, and that, no matter what the situation might look like He was still with them – provision was in their midst.

When Moses approached God about the situation, God led him to ''The Rock of Ages'' from whom flows the river of life. We realise that all along there was water in the Rock. God needed His people to come to this understanding, that The Rock who is Jesus Christ is The Only who can truly quench their thirst. God had to allow them to go through thirsty moments only to arrive at the true source. The lesson is that no one can truly satisfy our needs except The Rock of ages who is right in our midst! He is The One to run to and no other source.

Also, Moses had to learn the lesson of striking The Rock to make a withdrawal. This is the authority given by our Heavenly Father. There is water in the rock but someone needs to know that and strike as The Father says. 

Now let us learn to appropriate the promises of God. He wants us to know the authority He has given us. The LORD God is waiting for us to make changes in the earth. 

Let us recognise The Rock of ages in our midst and make a withdrawal. 

There is water in the rock but someone has to strike it ! God is waiting for us to do so!

Pat Mensah, The King's Daughter.


















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